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俄罗斯女队VS换新血 乌克兰正妹稳坐替补 输给网吧队只因弃权


Today, the CES LCL League famous women's club Vaevictis eSports announced a new lineup for the summer season. Although the value of the team is TR1GGERED, the new players are not inferior.


Vaevictis eSports participates in the summer lineup as follows:

Order: HellMa

Playing wild: Merao

In the single: PewPewASolari and VioletFairy (substitute)

Road: Intgration and Trianna


New members HellMa and PewPewASolari are all from Russia, and the young girl from Ukraine, VioletFairy, is still sitting in the middle of the bench. The old players, including the TR1GGERED, were officially left from the team and left the VS and LCL leagues.

With the two RiftRivals intercontinental competitions ending, the major competitions have returned to the normal summer rhythm. LCL is different from the four major divisions. At present, their summer regular season has not yet begun. What is going on is the LCL Sea Cup.


There are only 16 teams in the LCL Sea Cup, and half of them are from the private sector. There are two Internet cafes in Group B where VS is located, but as a League Club, they still have a proud record of defeat. LCL official said that this is not the strength of Vaevictis eSports, but because of the lineup adjustment, they directly gave up the LCL sea cup, and fully prepare for the LCL summer regular season.